MultiComs Solutions | Security
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Intercom & Access Control

Security starts with knowing who’s at your door. Multicoms provide and install a huge range of access control and intercom systems to make controlling entry easy and convenient. Choose customisable exterior audio door panels in a range of stylish materials, with video entry systems for prestige homes, offices and commercial buildings. For added security we can even provide fingerprint biometric readers and proximity sensors.


Closed Circuit Television & Intruder Protection

Make your home or office a safer place with electronic security solutions from Multicoms. Secure your premises with an Intruder detection installation, have your system designed and specified by an accredited NSI installer & remotely monitored by an alarm receiving centre with extra police response for 24 hour protection. Choose from a range of CCTV Analogue, HD & IP options that include real-time alerts, IP video streaming, motion sensors and more. Remotely Access your CCTV system from your mobile phone or tablet, from any location with an internet connection.


Other Electronic Security

Multicoms Solutions provide a full range of e-security products including – but not limited to – intercoms systems (both audio and video options available), automated gates and barriers, intruder alarms, remote monitoring and fire detection. For more information or to request a quote call 0117 955 7140.


Professionally installed CCTV security including IP cameras, night vision, colour options, HD filming and much more. Call us on 0117 955 7140 for more information.

Intruder Alarms

From basic alarms to multi-zoned alarms for commercial and larger properties, we can cater for all applications in both commercial and residential environments.

Access Control

A wide range of access control and intercom solutions from video entry, fingerprint reader and proximity sensors. Talk to us to find out more.

Automated Gates & Barriers

Automatic entry/exit barrier and gate systems for both high-end residential and commercial purposes, including car parks, bridges, large homes and secure areas.

Fire Detection

Protect your home or business with our complete range of fire detection and prevention solutions including portable extinguishers, fixed systems and custom fire detection technology.

Intercom Systems

State-of-the-art video entry systems and bespoke audio intercoms, installed at high-end residential, apartment blocks and commercial premises. Call Multicoms for a tailored quote.